Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Their Brand, Their Court, Our People

Seriously I do not why Proton want to prevent 1Malaysia F1 Team from using the name Team Lotus. Let us put aside about the legal right first. Both seems to have right of it and it will be decided by UK court.

Proton as we know belongs to the government. And now the government is promoting the cultural of motor sport. Well why have to bring all the disputes to each other about the naming right.

Perhaps we as public will look at this matter in a very simple way. Tony Fernandes manage to turn Air Asia into a global brand. With financial crisis arise and yet to maintain low cost services, Air Asia still making profit.
How about Proton? In the world do people really talk about Proton car? Well if it yes, I guess condemning is also a way of talking. And many of us knew that how badly Proton has performed before where the government has to use the People money to support Proton.

So judge yourself who should have the right on Lotus. And most importantly what is the point of having it without making use of it for greater good.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Perompak dan pencuri

Banyak yang telah diperkatakan mengenai sikap generasi kini yang yang tidak mengerti erti kemerdekaan. Secara peribadi saya juga berpendapat sedemikian. Saya bukanlah seorang saksi mahupun mangsa bagi perkara ini tetapi saya juga merupakan salah seorang "pesalah-pesalah" yang dimaksudkan. Keseriusan "kesalahan" saya adalah sehingga ke tahap di mana sambutan Kemerdekaan bagi saya hanyalah cuti rehat yang diberikan oleh pihak kerajaan. Pemimpin-pemimpin negara juga sering berharap sambutan Kemerdekaan pada setiap tahun dapat membawa kesedaran dan penghargaan kepada rakyatnya. Tahun 2010 sememangnya ada membawa perbezaan baru terhadap pandangan saya terhadap sambutan Kemerdakaan. Perbezaannya, saya sekarang mempunyai dua cuti rehat bagi sambutan Kemerdekaan. Saya sudah menyedari bahawa cuti sehari sememangnya tidak mecukupi dan mengahargai inisiatif kerajaan mewujudkan satu hari lagi cuti rehat dalam kalendar tahunan. Tahniah kepada pemimpin-pemimpin negara kita yang akhirnya berjaya mempupuk erti baru bagi sambutan Kemerdekaan tahun 2010.

Sering saya bertanyakan kepada sendiri mengapa saya tidak menghargai akan kemerdekaan dan kebebasan yang dapat dinikmati di dalam tanah air ini?

adakah kita merdeka sekarang?

Kalau penjajah dulu bertindak mengeksploitasi negara ini demi kepentingan sendiri. Sekarang kita dapat lihat bagaimana kerajaan buatan kita sendiri yang terjebak dalam gejala rasuah mahupun tindakan-tindakan yang membelakangi nilai-nilai keagamaan, moral dan etika.

Memang adanya perbezaan antara penjajah dulu-dulu dan kerajaan negara kita pada hari ini. Perbezaannya adalah seumpama beza antara perompak dan pencuri. Dua sama hina cuma berbeza dari konteks kerja hina yang dilakukannya. "Perompak" dulu sememangnya secara terus terang merampas kekayaan orang demi kepentingan sendiri. "Pencuri" sekarang melakukan kerja-kerja kotor membelakangi orang demi kepentingan sendiri.

Jadi, adakah kita rakyat sendiri yang tidak tahu menghargai kemerdekaan, ataupun kerajaan sediri yang gagal mewujudkan suasana kemerdekaan di negara kita?

Independence does not mean to govern our own country, but to govern the country wholeheartedly and righteously. -Ray 2010-

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just wanna be.......

Well I guess I just wanna be single for the time being. Stay focus in my life and set my sight straight on things I wanna to achieve in both of of my spiritual values and career.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Part 1

Wow is been the longest 4 months I ever had in my life. Is also been sometime I did not do any posting on my blog. Is not that I do not have anything to write, but there are things that are never meant to be said on that time. If I were to put a word to generally describe this 4 months, it would be 'turbulence'.

First of all thank God for I have nailed my first job. I believe that there are more to come but I have committed to myself that the first offer received will be the one I am going for. I guess it is FCFS(First Come, First Serve) rather than BCFS(Best Come, First Serve). Still ponder about the offer but for mean time this is the one I am going to. Once I accepted this offer, it would be my daily job for at least the next 1 year, not to mention I got fired. Looking forward to start the first step of my career.

2 months back, I did write a post about what is happening in my life. But I removed it due to certain sensitivity issue. Reading back at the post, I see myself full of impatience-ness and anger which I feel so sorry on it. What can I say, the damage is all done and perhaps I am the who have brought the turbulence to myself.

So for now I hope to take this post too voice out something that I do not know how to converse it through my mouth.

To a person:
Sorry for unable to be committed to the relationship. Is just that myself that cannot let go of my past and someone who have been so significant in my life for the past few years. I really did fall in love with you and really do believe things can work out immediately for both of us. But deep inside of me still fail to let go of my past. I thought I am sorry for the pressure I brought to you from your family. Is not your fault but is me to blame for all this. So I hope that we can remained as best friend until things can work out for both of us.

To a person:
I did read your blogs. Sorry for all the damage I put you through. Is not that I choose not to msg you for this time but I was warned by many not to. I thought I can still concern on you without bothering about anything or what people might think. But it is not. It only turns worse. Maybe in your eyes and many that those concern are sympathy-based but deep down inside of me I knew is more than that.I do not care what people think or say because I know my heart very clear. Moreover I never expect you to understand me after all the damages I put you through also. I am not seeking your forgiveness but I just wish to voice out.

To a few persons:
I know hatred is inside you towards me. I can sense that too. Well but I am here to tell you I am not giving a single damn about it. My advice to you is look at yourself first before try to throw shit on me. Ya Mr/Ms Perfect, You know all about relationship, You honored every relationship you have, All you have done is only correct things in relationship. Then good for you. Maybe I do not know you yet or been knowing you for sometime, but if I do know you, try to think back and see that when you did something shit-ty, did I come and mess around with you? WHY SO CARE ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE RIGHTEOUSNESS WHEN YOU YOURSELF DWELLING IN A SINFUL LIFESTYLE? This is my message to you. And please and please and please, do not tell me what to do? Do not come out with phrases like "If you are a man....." or anything towards me. Keep it for yourself.