Saturday, October 16, 2010


I was so eager to go to Adam Lambert concert but I was disallowed financially. Then I came across a news that a group of "so called righteous Malaysian" wanna protest against the concert to be carried out. When I first saw this news the first thing came out from my mouth is, "What da hell, Again?...". I do not know whether is the same group of people or not, but to date, there are at least 5 incidents of protest to called off concerts in Malaysia involved name such as Avril Lavigne, Beyonce and Mariah Carey.

One of the Malaysia political party has once again launched a protest against an international singer who is coming to perform in Malaysia. This time is Adam Lambert. First of all, congratulation to the authority that allowed this protest to happen because you guys just showed the world that is ok for Indonesian to protest against Malaysia government and burned Jalur Gemilang. Secondly, you guys just showed the world that this is the way the people welcome international visitor. I do not know what will be improved from this but one thing for sure, Malaysia ranking on the "Most Ridiculous Country" chart is improved.

This party protest claimed that Adam Lambert is a gay icon that might bring negativity to the nation. So they determine to stop him from stepping into this country. Let me make this clear first. I am not a person who agree with gay or lesbian either. But my concern here now is that, is it the issue here is really about gay? As far as I know, this party in the past few years is having coalition with a few opposition political parties as their political strategy to fight against the ruling party. One of the party that they are working with is lead by a man who is currently being charged in the court of sodomizing another man. And they are ok with it? Let me make it clear for you, if a man is sodomizing another man, he is definitely a gay. But a gay will not necessary sodomize another man. So what part of gay that you protesters do not understand? As I said, the issue is not about the gay. Is just that these people wanna gain attention of the country to know they are really concern about the nation. Gay is never right in the law of nature. But at least gay people love will love their children(if they can have one). The gay won't do anything to hurt their children, and most importantly, the gay will never rape their own children.

As I said these people really prefer to waste their time holding some banners to protest rather than really go and cultivate their own people with more religious knowledge and faith of good behaviors. If Adam Lambert really managed to turn you people to gay, is also because of you people lack of spiritual values. To really know how prosper are you in spiritual and moral values is by overcome the
temptation, not denying it.

Let me give you people that claimed yourself "spiritual righteous " a point to ponder. In a case of two men who want to resist the temptation of gluttony. A man called 'A' is put in a room with no food or anything that can be consumed on. Another man called 'B' is put in another room which is packed with a lot of stuff that can be ate and consumed on. Both of them manage to resist the temptation by not eating anything in few days. But bear in mind 'A' is confined from food, and 'B' is exposed to a lot of foods. 'A' managed to resist the temptation is logically acceptable because even if he want to eat, there is nothing that can be ate. But for 'B', the success of overcoming temptation is the true success because even though he can eat the foods, he chose not to do it. This is because he hold strong to his spiritual objectives and discipline. Situation of 'A' represent the case of denying the temptation and 'B' is the case of overcoming temptation. With the wisdom and right mind of you that was given to you by God please judge yourself which of 'A' or 'B' has the true value of spiritual.

"A thief can live as holy as a priest if he is living in a world where there is nothing is worth to be stolen. But is the way of holiness that God wants from the people?"