Sunday, May 23, 2010

Poem of pray

How could I say you do not understand me Lord,
When you have came to this world before,
Not for a fame,
But as a man.

People may laugh when I am trusting in you Lord,
But Trusting in You Lord does not make me crazy,
Trusting in You Lord makes my life easy.

When life is not going my way, I will say,
"Without You by my side Lord, life may seems tough,
but with You by my side Lord, I will go through it with a laugh."

When I pray to you Lord for something,
Praying to you Lord does not simplify it,
but praying to you Lord, You multiply it.

How kind are you Lord,
I pray for your mercy
But what I get from you is the glory.

In life,
There is always a trouble,
But remember the blessing is double.

How great are you Lord,
The sadness of the world may because of you dying on the cross,
But the joy of the world also came from you dying on the cross, Lord.

I was created because,
I was not needed by you Lord,
But I was wanted by you Lord.

Lord I am sorry, Lord
You gave me the strength of a hardworking man,
You gave me the wisdom of a wise man,
But I fail just being a man to you.

I do not want to become holy by doing everything right to you Lord,
But I want to become sorry for everything that I've done wrong to you Lord.

May my talent be used for you Lord,
May my focus be on you,Lord.

Life without you Lord, is a mess,
Life with you Lord, is a bless.

Lord thank you for being in my life for always.
This is the poem of pray,
by me, Ray.

Ray 2010.